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Carry GuS in your location

If you have a retail food establishment, now is the time to offer GuS Sodas to your customers.  GuS sells throughout the U.S., Canada and the UK in a wide range of locations - anywhere people enjoy great-tasting food and beverages.   

What is GuS?
GuS stands for Grown-up Soda.  It’s a line of 100% natural sodas that are not too sweet, developed for grown-up palates (but kids like them too!)  They contain real juice and natural extracts and are lightly sweetened with cane sugar.  Each 12oz. bottle has only 90 – 98 calories, compared to typical sodas with 140 – 160 calories.  The entire line is kosher, caffeine-free* and gluten-free.

GuS is available in nine refreshingly dry flavors:
NEW! Dry Root Beer
Dry Meyer Lemon
Star Ruby Grapefruit
Dry Valencia Orange
Dry Cranberry Lime
Dry Pomegranate
Extra Dry Ginger Ale
Dry Cola (*99.9% caffeine-free)

Why GuS?
GuS Sodas are a perfect accompaniment to food because they are not heavy or sugar-laden.  With “dry” in their names, the flavors are crisp, light and not cloyingly sweet.  The moderate level of carbonation is reminiscent of Italian sodas, making GuS less filling and more refreshing.  Others enjoy GuS Sodas as cocktail mixers because they are an ideal tart-sweet base for vodka, gin, rum or bourbon. 

Where does GuS sell best?
From specialty food stores to sandwich shops to fine dining, GuS fits anywhere consumers seek a natural and great-tasting alternative to mainstream sodas.  The brand was hatched in the finest specialty food stores in New York (e.g. Zabar’s, Grace’s Marketplace) and made it’s way onto the shelves of natural food grocery stores (e.g. Whole Foods) and even found it’s way on the menus of renowned restaurants (e.g. The French Laundry, Tabla).  However, the product fits almost everywhere in between:

Sandwich shops
Coffee bars
Cheese shops
Specialty grocery stores
Health food stores

For additional information please view and print our Product Sellsheet.

To learn who distributes GuS Sodas in your area, view our Distributors page.

GuS Sodas are sold as single bottles and 4-packs.

Below are UPC Codes for single bottles and 4-packs.
Bottle UPC Code
4-pack UPC Code
Dry Meyer Lemon
Star Ruby Grapefruit
Dry Valencia Orange
Extra Dry Ginger Ale
Dry Root Beer
Dry Cranberry Lime
Dry Pomegranate
Dry Cola